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Mungo National Park

An overlooked gem on the fringe of the Australian Outback, Mungo National Park is an ancient, sacred site. The landscape is wide open, dry...the true essence of the Outback - and only 5.5 hours from Adelaide!

There's something special about going to a place that nobody knows about. It's an adventure with no expectations, only a curious anticipation. Mungo National Park is a place that very few Australian's have heard about. And even fewer tourists know about it.

About 7 Hours from Melbourne & 5.5 Hours from Adelaide, Mungo National Park is a remote protected region in the far south-west of NSW. It is special for a number of reasons. It's a World Heritage Listed destination, a place where Aboriginal Australians have walked since the dream time. It's a sacred place, the site of ancient burial rituals dating back up to 50,000 years. The landscape is sparce, but littered with native animals - namely emu's, kangaroos, snakes and lizards.

The star attraction of Mungo National Park is the 'Walls of China' - ancient natural pinnacles that have been formed by millenia of wind and rain. It's an awesome sight, and even better if you can catch it for a sunset viewing. There's also sand dunes and bush camps for an authentic, yet easily reachable outback adventure.


  • Bush Camps are available across the park from $5 Per Night
  • Mildura (100kms from Mungo) is your last stop for food, fuel and supplies.